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Pop Art


We’re The Future is a creative arts program started by WTF - We The Females based out of Boston, MA.  Through our clothing line, we raise money to host affordable dance workshops, classes, and online tutorials for girls between the ages of 4 and 17. We are an all-level program that focuses on individuality and empowerment while creating a safe space for girls to be themselves. 

Through our financial aid scholarships and fundraising, we strive to create an affordable program that is accessible to as many girls as possible. 

We help young girls understand how to use their creativity and the positive effect that it can have on the future. We provide the tools to explore these powers in a positive, thoughtful, and open setting.

For our workshops and training programs, we rent dance studio space in both Boston and Worcester, MA. Exact locations will be announced with each individual program.


  • Kayleigh Lucci - We're The Future Founder & We The Females Co-Founder

  • Deanna Jarvis - We're The Future Operations Specialist

  • Yiota Zeitinidis - We The Females Co-Founder

  • Erin Ryan - We The Females Co-Founder

All teachers and mentors are the women of WTF-We The Females.

 Learn more about us by clicking the link above!

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